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As an animal lover, photographer and artist something I truly wanted to achieve was exhibiting my work in print. Eight years ago I would have never imagined holding 29 pieces of animal artwork in one of Brisbane’s most popular CBD locations. Art is a very subjective thing so I never really knew what to expect and instead of me telling you what people thought – I will let them tell you themselves.

“Serenah, my friend and I drove from Coolum to see your exhibition today! Beautiful! The texture, the colour, the detail, the size, the character, the stories were amazing! My favorite favorite FAVORITE was Simon in the suitcase!” Jenna A.

“They say never work in front of a camera with children or animals! Clearly Serenah has blown that myth out of the water with her ability to extract the best out of her loving four legged ‘models’. You don’t have to be a dog owner to appreciate her artwork…touching, humorous and quite simply, just good creatively.” Madeleine W.

“Serenah’s images are truly wonderful. Images that are pets simply as themselves, telling their own story. I’m a fan.” Sarah W.

“My wife and I loved the blend between the dogs and real life situations, we found some really clever images. We are excited to show our friends the new picture we bought” Chris B.

“I confess I love dogs, but I didn’t expect to be so moved by Serenah’s imaginative and quirky images. I was totally captivated. I even laughed out loud.” Michelle G.

“I only just discovered your work by walking through Waterfront Place. I don’t even own a dog but wow so unique. I have never seen anything like it. I’m now the proud owner of your beautiful work Serenah and I will be telling all my friends. I look at this as an art investment because I feel soon your work will become unattainable.” Sylvia R.

“I am an avid bulldog / mastiff lover and for this reason I have been charmed by Serena’s work. Photographing animals is no easy feat. I believe that having a gift with them is intrinsic to producing something captivating. Serena has a fresh, playful style and has a unique gift for capturing the essence of each of her subjects with in her beautifully orchestrated art. I could sing her praises all day, but I think more than anything Serenah’s work speaks for itself. I cannot wait to hang my bulldog artwork on the wall.” Jodi J.

It is also the best feeling when an amazing photographer you deeply admire pops by to give you support and praise;

“As a long time fan of Serena’s work, it was a certainty I would head to her first exhibition to see all the images in the flesh. There is a huge difference from seeing them on a computer monitor or on your phone, to standing in front of a perfectly printed and presented piece and taking in every bit of it’s elegance. Serena’s images in print took on lives of their own. They made me smile, they made me laugh, they made me sigh with delight. Every single moment Serena selected to put on show, was absolutely perfect. The exhibition more than justified and affirmed why I adore her images so much. Nobody has a creative eye quite like Serena and every image in this exhibition was an absolute treat to view.”  Alicia Adamopoulos

A huge thank you to Dexus Property Group and Westpac Private Bank for their support to make this happen. And lastly, a huge thank you all the people who took the journey to view the exhibition. Your support means the world to to us. For the people who were unable to visit the exhibition you can see all the artwork exhibited in my website shop

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