Be Your Own Hero (Ralphstar)

One of my very first images and also known as my most iconic is Ralphstar. Seen and loved by millions of people around the world. Why is this image so well known you ask? Here he is this proud little Dachshund perched on his shopping trolley with an intrepid look to save the world. Is there a story in this for all of us and does it bring out our ‘amour propre’? Perhaps deep down inside all of us there is courage and determination to be the ‘hero of our own story’.┬áThis image is about the over abundance of confidence Ralph had as a small Dachshund. I found it quite extraordinary, his delusional idiosyncratic belief. He had no concept of his size whatsoever. His self-image in his eyes, made Ralph ten-feet-tall. Nothing could bring Ralph down – not even those tiny little legs – in his mind he was invincible and this made me want to turn him into the superhero he so longed to be.

  • Fine art photographic print
  • All prints are limited editions (except Gift Size)
  • Limited edition prints are signed and numbered by Serenah
  • Printed on heavy weight textured paper
  • Unframed
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